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Although much ink has been devoted to sex, sagas like “Stories of a married man” and “Aquiles” address a moor that few authors have passed through “non-heteronormative sexuality.” Gonzalo Narvreón and Aquiles lead Gonzalo Narvreón, the writer, where his appetite takes them. We talked to Gonzalo Alcaide Narvreón about these two successful series. Why write two sagas, in which the protagonists are bisexual men, sexuality so little visible and even resisted? Interesting question and I would say that the answer… Read more

Calendario 15 / October / 2020
Estrella Imagen post

Ever since Amélie Yan-Gouiffès decided to dedicate her life to helping others she’s proved that there’s never a bad time to start following your heart. After working for 17 years managing humanitarian projects in countries such as those in former Yugoslavia, Colombia, Zimbabwe, Eritrea, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Nepal amongst many others, she now supports leaders and change-makers to share their message with the world. Now this debut author, who is an international speaker, coach, humanitarian and a mother, has found… Read more

Calendario 05 / February / 2020
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Getting Past Common Self-Publishing Fears – Helpful Guide
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Are you considering writing a book and looking at all of your options?  Are you nervous about self-publishing? If so, this article could help. Self-publishing has helped a great deal of authors publish their work. Many of these might otherwise have never written a book or certainly not got round to publishing. It has opened up the doors to so many people and completely changed the face of the industry.  Moving forward, self-publishing is going to grow and grow and… Read more

Guildford Book Festival – Day Out Guide
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      What is it? The Guildford Book Festival was established in 1989 and is now an important cultural event for both young and old, capturing the imagination of everyone who loves to read.

The Thame Arts and Literature (TAL) Festival – Day Out Guide
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October is a popular month for literary festivals, with some of the best-loved names in the literary world coming together and attending festivals across the country. For three days between 12th and 14th October, join Pam Ayres, Jonathan Dimbleby, Sonia Purnell. Edna O’Brien and Aslan the lion as you are taken on a literary journey throughout the ages.

The Times Cheltenham Literary Festival
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  Is it for me? Fans of literature who live close to Cheltenham or don’t mind travelling to get there, should not miss the literary festival this month. It started last Friday (5th October) and is carrying on until Sunday 14th October.