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new-years-resolutionIt´s 2012!

And we are sure that some of you included writing or publishing a book into your ambitious and witty New Year’s resolution list.  New year’s resolutions are great only if you really stick to them and writing a book is not as easy a task as getting a membership at the local gym (which you may or may not use, anyway).

To write a book takes a great deal of effort and self control, but who are we to tell, you are a writer or on your way to become one and probably are very familiar with the difficulties that the art of writing brings with it.

In this blog post we would like to bring yourself closer to your goal and make your New Year´s resolution a success.

1. The manuscript.

The content of your book has to be perfect before publishing on Bubok.  Make sure you catch those spelling and grammar mistakes before you see them black and white on the paper.

To check spelling, you can use Word’s proofing tools and should always keep your  dictionary handy.  To check your grammar and writing style we always suggest to consult with a friend who may happen to be a journalist or language professor etc …They can not only review your manuscript but also give you valuable feedback regarding your writing style and maybe question the development of some parts of your book…. Remember, criticism is a good thing, and an inherent part of the publishing process.

If you don´t know anybody you can always turn to writers meet ups where you can find lots of people willing to help and of course if you have the ¨change¨, contact a professional editor or consult one of Bubok´s services. Check out our  blog post regarding writing routine where we cover some of the common questions like ¨how to structure a novel?¨or ¨ How to define your  book characters?

2. Prepare your book.

Upload using our book templates in Word format. Our Word templates include 7 different book sizes, each template also includes the complimentary page (blank page), title page and table of contents page.  Download the template that fits your book size directly to your computer and start filling the pages. It´s simple just copy and paste your book into your new template and save it on your computer.

3. Publish your book on Bubok.

Create your Bubok account or login if you are already registered, and once a member, click on the publish button; the publishing steps are simple and will guide you thru the entire process; for additional help keep our manual handy.

3.1. Upload your file as a PDF.

Make sure you check it one more time before     uploading, on Bubok you book will print exactly the way you edited it.

3.2. Fill in the details about your book.

This is an important step so pay attention and make sure you fill out each blank field. Think about the keywords you think describe the book best, usually it should be words that you think people would search for if they are interested in your type of book. Carefully select the category and sub-category you would like the book to be listed within and provide a short but catchy synopsis that would draw the eye of your potential reader. (Once published, you can always go back and re-edit if you are not convinced).

3.3. Choose the format size of your book.

If you used one of our Word templates, choose the size that matches your template.  If the actual page size of your uploaded file does not match one of our sizes, you will be asked to choose one of the closest formats to re-size your book.

In this step you also are asked to choose the type of paper and binding for your book and indicate if you would like your book to be printed in black and white or color.

3.4 Cover design.

Here you have 3 different options; you can upload your own cover design, choose one of our templates or hire Buboks cover design service, where a professional designer will design a cover that fits your book and its story!

If you choose one of our templates, you can customize them by changing colors, font character and size. Keep in mind, it´s important that your book stands out from the other books in the library. Keep it simple but attractive, covers with too many colors, fonts and images might stand out, but for all the wrong reasons: D

3.5. Fixing a price on your book.

This is the last step in the publishing process.  Now it’s time to fix your book’s selling price. On screen, you will see a suggested minimum selling price for your book, based on the size of your book, the number of pages and how it is bound.  You will also be asked to determine the profit you want to make on every sale of printed copies, digital epub versions or both.

Once the 5 steps are completed, you can decide if you want your book available to the general public. If you planning on getting an ISBN for your book and make your book available not only on Bubok but also in other online and offline book stores, we will  soon be offering ISBN services that will help you get your book to stand out everywhere and in all mediums.

If you have questions about any of Bubok’s editorial services or general questions about Bubok, our help section is a great way for getting to know us and becoming a Bubok specialist.

We wish you a Happy Year 2012 and Happy Publishing!

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