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canva is great

Canva is the perfect way to create an image for any work…for free (more or less)!!!


Canva is the way to go for your social media and marketing needs and here is why!!

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3.

Canva is set up in a way that is so easy to understand and use, so it is great, even if you’re not a technology person. It also provides step by step instructions when signing up for an account so that you can learn all you need directly from the website.

It’s free (for the most part!)

There are so many free templates you can choose from when creating your image, and they are all so wonderful and pretty. If you’re looking to be ~super fancy~ you can also purchase some photos and stickers from the website too.

You can upload your own stuff!

Canva is great because it doesn’t limit you to choosing from their provided photos. You can upload images from Google or even your own personal images which means that with Canva, literally anything is possible!

It has premade templates!

If you’re looking to create an image for a specific social media platform then this is the site for you. Canva has premade Instagram sized templates, Facebook sized templates, and so much more. This means you don’t have to physically measure out the sizes of everything. You just choose a template and sizing is taken care of from there!

Canva saves you works!

If you make a free account, Canva will save your works when you’re done. This is great because it saves you from having to stress about not exiting a page until you’ve used the image. Canva makes life easy.


Canva is so easy and provides you with so many ways to up your advertising game! If you want to get started with this game-changing platform today, sign up for your free account at Let your imagination run wild and happy creating!

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