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The millennial generation knows social media like the back of their hands, but no matter what your age – you shouldn’t be afraid of it. Websites such as Linked In and Facebook are actually doors to a whole new world of networks; you just have to take the step to open them.

Linked In is a great way to search and connect with those in a similar field, or who have similar goals to yourself. With the accessibility to direct message people around the world, it almost seems a shame to not use the ‘connect’ button to your unlimited desire. If you are one of those who finds social media frightening or you feel like unwanted people have access to information about you, then don’t worry. This is where Linked In is different to say, Instagram. Linked In is targeted specifically at the business niche and acts as an online CV, allowing you to upload past and current work (sharing whatever you feel relevant) to allow others to see. Top tip – the more work experience or achievements you choose to share, the easier it is to build connections as you are widening your network. And surely everyone wants to broaden that? Or you should do anyway!


Similarly to this, by you adding skills (hard or soft), others can then ‘endorse’ these skills, therefore drawing attention for whomever may be looking on your profile. Bear in mind, the more attention you receive, the more connections of connections are going to be notified, resulting in? You guessed it, wider networks! Just think, the wider your networks, the bigger audience you’re going to reach when you announce or publish anything related to your writing. And the bigger the following, the more notice your work will receive.

Okay so now time to deal with Facebook. A lot of people associate Facebook with the younger generations and have the impression it is only used for photos etc. This may be partly true, but everyone and anyone can use Facebook and it really is a great way of connecting. Or in an authors case, connecting with people in their desired target field. You have unlimited opportunity to join or create groups that can involve or draw in a large community. And the beauty is, is that you really don’t know who is going to see or share. Friends of yours on Facebook have the ability to ‘share’ links you post to their own page which then opens up their friend list, allowing people you may have not had access to, to see your work! Fantastic right? Exactly! And if you’re not already doing this, then now is your chance to change that.


Written by Shannon McGinty

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