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You are a published writer! Congratulations! There are writers that would kill to be in your shoes. You’re not feeling so great? Nervous about writing the second book in your series? You’re afraid your readers will be disappointed with your next work? Here is the answer to your prayers!

How To Write A Sequel- Overcoming Writing Fears As A Published Writer


How Do I Get Myself to Pick Up the Pen?


Once you’ve finished and published your first work, it can be so difficult to find the motivation to pick up the pen and start writing another work. This is even more difficult when your first work is boomingly successful. After a successful work, you know you have readers, so when you sit down to write a sequel to your first novel or a second work with your name on it, you fear pleasing those readers. My advice to you? Don’t!


When you’re trying to write a squeal to a novel or a second work following your initial published work, don’t think about your readers. They should not control you or how you write. Nobody wrote your first novel but you, and nobody can write your second novel but you. You wrote your first novel without catering to your readers, because you didn’t have your readers yet. Write your second work the exact same way! Write in your own style and follow the path you have planned for your story to go. The readers will come after! Do not let the fear of disappointing your readers alter your writing; they became your readers for a reason; they like your work.


What Steps Can I Take to Overcome Fear?


As a writer, it is normal and okay to feel fear. However, if you do, here are some easy steps you can take to overcome the feeling we all know and hate at some point throughout our writing careers.


  1. Identify the fear. You cannot tackle fear until you identify that you are experiencing it. Thus, if you identify that you are feeling feelings of fear, you will be able to move on to the steps of actually tackling that fear.
  2. Don’t give in to the fear. This is so much easier said than done, but we as humans are in control of our own emotions. If you stand strong in refusing to give fear the power to control you or stop you from working, then it won’t do so, and the writing will flow. This takes practice as it is not easy to not give in to such an overpowering emotion, but just constantly remember that YOU control how you feel, not fear. If the fear voice is still talking in your head, ignore it. We’ve all ignored that annoying person in our lives before because we didn’t want to deal with them. Make fear that annoying person. Hasta la vista fear!
  3. Focus on the present instead of the future. Our fear is frequently controlled by our thoughts of what we want to get done in the future. If you focus on your actions and progress in the moment then you don’t allow yourself time to fear for the future.
  4. Don’t compare your writing to that of anyone else! Your writing is special because it is unique to you. If you don’t compare your writing to anybody else’s then you’ll start to appreciate your own writing and you’ll exhibit less fear surrounding the caliber of your work.
  5. Do what scares you! This is the best way to get over fear. If your fear will not put you in any detrimental danger, then face the fear first hand. If you force yourself to face your fear, which in this case is writing the work, then you’ll prove to yourself that you got through it because it was an irrational fear, and suddenly the fear will seem silly. Thus, if your fear will not put you in danger, face it head on!



No Doubts Now? Good! Let’s Tackle Motivation



It is difficult to find the motivation to write, especially when the end goal is an entire novel or book. What’s our recommendation? A daily word count! If you set a goal for the amount of words you want to write each day, you’ll see that your work will begin to come together! Whether you want to write 50 or 500 words each day, DO IT! Put your phone away, disconnect from wifi, and write those words. Eventually they will start to form a novel.


We Understand!


Writing takes so much time. It is a process. However, if you think about your work only and set small goals, the sequel or whatever you are trying to write will eventually come together!



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