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From the Beginning

Since 2007 the dream for many authors to publish their book has turned to reality. The founders of Bubok created an online tool that facilitated many authors the tools to self publish.

It´s been four years since Bubok started their journey to help authors fulfill their dream and each year we are proud of our authors and the work they have published.

Today Angel Maria Herrera, Sergio Mejias, Fatima Alvarez and Ruth Vicente sit down for an interview and look back over the last four years.


Four years have passed at Bubok, how do you feel celebrating yet another birthday?


Sergio Mejias. No doubt, to celebrate another birthday in these tough times that we experience right now is a great recognition of our work. It´s great to see Bubok growth in the publishing world and to be a part of a fast growing book community.

Fatima Alvarez. Well … do you remember how you looked and felt at your fourth birthday? Looking at pictures you can tell your parents were there and were excited and eager to see your grow. I feel the same way about Bubok. We grow so fast that sometimes you don´t recognize how fast the time is passing by. I am excited about the new markets we have just entered and can´t wait to see them grow too!

Ruth Vicente. Well the last year have passed so fast, I can´t really believe it. I still feel like I’m sitting with my colleagues and planning for 2011.

Angel Maria Herrera. The progress we made is a good indicator of the number of opportunities we have given writers to fulfill their dream of publishing a book.


Looking back, how did the idea of Bubok became reality?


S.M. To create Bubok was a challenge, to take an innovative idea and make it a reality in the Spanish market was quite complicated. But we believed that Bubok had a great future and did everything possible to make it what it is today.

F.A. The idea came shortly after we created a small editorial house called GrupoBuho. We offered personalized service for authors and realized that there was a growing interest in publishing with limited cost and we thought about an idea that would help achieving just that. It was a matter of logical thinking to make publishing possible first and then offer personalized services as intended.

R.V. The idea grew at our an annual meeting in Zarzalejo ( outside of Madrid) to create a spin-off  of our existing editorial at the time.

Á.M.H. I’ve told the ¨official version¨ many times, today I will tell you the truth; it was at a resort by bonfire and drinks….


During all these years, what has been the greatest recognition for Bubok?


S.M. There have been many, from technical developments to new technology implementations and product development. Also the ability to stay on top of any new developments in the publishing market, the internationalization of Bubok etc…

F.A. Mmmm I think from my perspective it’s the fact of convincing the market that we are the new generation of publishing and can´t be ignored. It feels good to know that the conventional editorial houses are looking up to us.

R.V. Bubok in general has grown in so many aspects; lots of processes have been automated, we have participated in many competitions and award events and have won quite a bit of prizes and awards for our hard work. It feels good to have that recognition.

Á.M.H. The approximately 60,000 titles published awards, prizes and investments mirror Bubok recognition.


Do you have any particular story tied to an author that you would like to share?


S.M. I remember with special affection Carme Pollina, author of “Lesbianarium”. It was the first book presentation that I attended on behalf of Bubok and was introduced as the editor of her work. I think that’s when I realized the true extent of what Bubok is doing.

F.A. There have been many good experiences; authors that have been very pleased with our editorial services, some last minute book editing and printing for authors that have called in stressed out before a book presentation, fun and interesting book presentations and many more…. My favorite, the fact that some of the authors have turned to be good friends.

R.V. There is one author that has been with Bubok from the beginning, and her name is Isabel Blas. I love her books but have never expressed my admiration 😉

Á.M.H. ha ha ha there is so much material we could write a book!


When Bubok started could you have imagined for it to be as successful and welcome as it is today?


S.M. The project took on a dimension in no time, I was not expecting it. In a few weeks we attempted many television, radio and print interviews…The project’s success is a mix of innovation and the technological changes in the publishing industry that positioned ​​Bubok as a leader in this market.

F.A The truth is that I never thought whether it´s going to be success or not. It was just something I thought was fun to participate and help all those aspiring authors to publish their books. I joined the ride and enjoyed any minute of it…

R.V. We knew we opened the door for many authors but we didn´t know this would actually grow internationally. We thought that the writers were a niche community because many of us are writers in one way or the other.

A.M.H  Not at all, I am the first to be surprised


¿What is the last book you read?


S.M. “The boat of a million years” from Poul Anderson.

F.A. In our last book competition I was selected as one of the judges, so I have read the winning book before anybody else did 😀

R.V. “Dos monstruos juntos” by Boris Izaguirre.

Á.M.H. It was a quick read; I know it sounds like a joke…. I have a pile of books waiting for me….. I seriously need to improve my reading speed!


If you were to give advice to all writers, what would it be?


S.M. Explore, be bold, open to try anything, learn how to promote your work, explore the world around you.

F.A.  I always tell our authors to take themselves seriously as writers. Keep in mind you will always find people on your journey trying to tell you self-publishing is not ¨glamorous¨, but the important thing is to believe in yourself. “Fame” must be earned and it´s a long but fun journey to take on. When writing, keep your eyes open for mistakes, be a perfectionist, find the time to edit and edit again. Take pride when designing your cover and make sure you let everybody know you are about to publish a book. Self promotion is an important key in self publishing!

R.V. To never stop feeling, thinking, writing and dreaming….

Á.M.H. The same as I would recommend to any entrepreneur, to be persistent. Vázquez Figueroa told me that his first success came after his twentieth book! Many writers expect to have success after the first book is published.


A new year is about to begin for Bubok, what are your expectations?


S.M. I am certainly looking forward to see the new markets grow. When the internationalization is smoothes out I can assure we have quite some surprises and changes in stock 🙂

F.A. I am a simple soul; I am looking forward to lots of fun, a big house and expensive jewelry…. Until then I will continue working hard : D

R.V. I hope that Bubok´s space will consolidate in the digital marketplace.

Á.M.H. To reach every county where the authors need us.

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