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The largest festival of arts and culture is this month. Attend the Canterbury Festival!

What is it?- the largest festival of arts and culture

The largest festival of arts and culture in the region and one of the most important events in the country is from October 13th-27th. It attracts over 70,000 people every year. People of all ages are welcome and turn up in force throughout the fortnight to see many perofrmances.

What can I expect to see?

Many literary pieces are brought to life on the stage. Anyone with an interest in reading and literature will not want to miss this. Productions this year include Sherlock Holmes: The Last Act, With Roger Llewellyn; Fagin’s Last Hour; The Canterbury Tales; The Shakespeare Experience and The Humour of Noel Coward with Gordon Peters and David Carter.

Located within easy reach of London, this festival is a haven for culture buffs and a great place to network and seek inspiration. It’s a truly historic occasion, dating back to 1929 when the Dean of Canterbury Cathedral, George Bell, established the first festival. It has attracted great literary names throughout the years. Today it has widened to include not just literature greats, but famous names from throughout the artistic world as a whole.

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