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Imagine yourself…

sitting on a deck chair somewhere in the south of France, sun hat draped over your head, sunglasses on, basking in the summer sun – what are you holding? Is it the hard back of a tablet, or have you bent the cover over as you sit back with your paper copy?


E-Books – What’s the Fuss?

For most, this argument always has an obvious answer but in this changing and competitive market of the e-book, there is a danger of the traditional ‘book book’ becoming a thing of the past. The ease and convenience of a Kindle is becoming more and more appealing, especially for those who commute and travel. In recent years it has become more apparent on public transport. Most people are familiar with the persistent scrolling of ones thumb up and down their screen – so it only makes sense to be holding a Kindle right? You can flick through pages while still holding onto the pole on the tube to stop you falling over. You can pack four books into your bag without being weighed down by ‘bricks’. You don’t have to struggle getting your glasses out of your bag to see the writing, you can simply use the zoom tool and there you have it. Words!

Time and convenience plays a large factor in the popularity of e-books. Due to their availability being literally at your finger tips 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. If you want a certain book right now, you can get it. Simple. This is especially good for those who travel. When you’re packing for your holiday, you don’t want to be carrying the weight of multiple books (not when you have an annoying weight limit anyway!) So the ease of one device containing multiple books and also acting as an online book shop, for many, is enticing.

While this is all very convenient, one big inconvenience is that little thing of battery. Everyone has been there when their phone has died at the worst time. But imagine your Kindle dying when you’re a few pages away from the end? A nightmare. However this is one nightmare that book books can save.

‘Book Books’ – Embracing the Tradition

However, this debate obviously has another side to it, one still with a big following. The familiar sensation of being able to bend a book around itself and skim through the pages is one that many hold on to. This one may sound a little odd, but guaranteed people reading this will agree – the smell. That new book smell (or even old book smell) brings something to the table in this debate. A sense of nostalgia maybe? Having your favourite book read over and over to you.  It’s like when you walk into a bookshop and all the pages scream out to you with their smell, but this time it’s in your own hands. Whichbook follows on to the next point. No more reading the first (or last) page before you chose.

Another valid point in this discussion is the common enjoyment of reading before bed. If you’re in bed reading from a screen that is lit up, do you think this is going to help you feel sleepy? Probably unlikely. Whereas if you’re reading an actual book as you lay in bed then this may have a more soothing affect on you, and so helps you settle for the night.

Books can also brighten up a room. If you’re one for interior design and making spaces look neat and organised, you’re probably one in favour of book books. Being able to return to your favourite pages or lend them out when you please.

Whatever your preference, the option is out there. There is no excuse to stop reading – just find the one to suit you.


Written by Shannon McGinty

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