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Almost 50 years ago Comic Con was held for the very first time starting as a one-day “minicon” at the U.S. Grant Hotel in downtown San Diego. One would agree that the success of that day led countless number of people to where they are today – regularly going a little bit crazy for their favorite characters. And that couldn’t be greater as the art and culture are constantly finding its way to so many hearts every year. And this happened not too long ago in Lisbon as well.


Comic Con Portugal 2019 was a real madness full of people, events and fun. The bright star of this gathering, Millie Bobby Brown, created huge queues and raised the highest-level expectations. Participants were having great fun at events such as cosplay parades and filled the spaces with photos, and ultimately found their bags full of irresistible item after walking out of geek and creative stores. And, of course, there were amazing information boards including Bubok Portugal.


Together with our PtAnime partners, our team of Bubok Portugal programmed a panel with an artist, Mangá Kachisou, the winner of this year’s contest.

Bubok at Comic Con Portugal 2019

This magnificent storyteller was awarded for the manga comic called Weak which will be published by us soon. We had a pleasant conversation about:

– Japanese manga and people’s interest in them in Portugal:

It is an increasingly attractive genre among young Portuguese and the market is clearly expanding.


– The international awards:

Kachisou is not yet well known in Portugal… which is truly unusual given that he has received awards for his art in Japan.


– The trajectory:

From the age of 18, he has done nothing but drew and wrote stories.


– His future publication with us:

We can’t be happier about having the opportunity to work with this amazing artist. The book is going to be a collection of stories about self-development containing a surprise that you can only find out by buying a copy.


Moreover, this guy is about to invite new readers to get acquainted with his work. The comic book by Kachisou is currently being translated, which means that the English version is on the way! Weak will reach bookstores in both print and online formats in 2020 therefore even more manga lovers will be able to sit down and have a moment of pleasure.


On the third day of Comic Con our team made another panel and had a talk with our dear Sofia Neto about her light novel “Supernova – The Kingu Blast”.


Sofia Neto is already a veteran at presenting her book at various events, but this time, in such an important international event like Comic On, she was a bundle of nerves. We spent quite some time chatting a lot about:

Bubok at Comic Con Portugal 2019

– Her career as a young writer:

Sofia won our romance contest last year with this highly surprising light novel. The manga universe of its history dazzled all AOanime assistants in Braga, The Most Geek Day in Coimbra and now the all-public Comic Con in Lisbon.


– The plot of her book:

Kingu, an evil queen, has submitted to all the inhabitants of a country called Netham. A group of rebels, with a base camp in the middle of the desert, fight to free the people. This is just the root of a huge story which is branching to even more stories and different timelines.


– Her future plans after Comic Con:

Besides writing, Sofia is also studying at the University of Minho. Moreover, this 20-year-old is about to publish an English-written book, a sequel to Supernova, and graduate in biomedical engineering. We couldn’t be more excited about being able to work with such a talented person.


These two panels marked our presence at Comic Con Portugal for the first time. We’re looking forward coming back next year with more news, more books, and have more adventures with wonderful friends from PtAnime.


Meanwhile, we’re eager to hear what crosses YOUR mind when the subject turns about the Comic Con – do you also find it to be the thrilling part of the year? Have you ever heard about the aforementioned young artists before or maybe even had an opportunity to check out their works in person? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion, we’d love to know what our beloved readers have on their minds!



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