What Self-Publishing Mistakes You Should Avoid
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Self-publishing might sound an appealing option for many authors, especially the ones who are about to publish their very first book. There are no gatekeepers who will slam the door in front of your face and everything is going to be under your control. Total freedom in navigating the whole publishing process may seem to be a dream come true – it’s only you and your literary baby. However, there are two sides to every coin. This is why it’s… Read more

Brand new editorial services for authors – with Bubok
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As you may know, the editorial process to make your book a success, goes through many phases such as writing, editing, layout design, publishing, marketing & PR and sales. To make sure your book becomes a masterpiece inside and out, Bubok has launched Editorial Services and Editorial Packs that range from book editing to promotional help.  Every service has an initial cost and is provided by Bubok professionals who are specialised in a specific field. The difference between Editorial Services… Read more