Writing routine- How to fill out the first pages of your book and captivate your readers
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In our previous post ¨Helpful book writing tips¨ we gave you a general overview on writing routines and some post writing suggestions … We hope some of the advice has been helpful and you have been persistent reaching your writing routine goals. In this post, we would like to concentrate on a slightly more complex issue; how to fill out this first pages, engaging the reader to want to keep turning them. We all know, if it’s browsing through a… Read more

Creating an Eye Catching Book Cover – How to Guide
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Don´t judge the book by its cover! Sounds fair, but the truth is that most of us, when shopping for a book do judge by the cover. The book we tend to pick up is most likely the book with an eye catching cover, an attractive image, interesting font or colors scheme. Once we pick it up, we then read the description and decide if this book is the right fit. Even if you don’t buy it, something still influenced… Read more

New Year´s Resolution: Publish your book!
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It´s 2012! And we are sure that some of you included writing or publishing a book into your ambitious and witty New Year’s resolution list.  New year’s resolutions are great only if you really stick to them and writing a book is not as easy a task as getting a membership at the local gym (which you may or may not use, anyway). To write a book takes a great deal of effort and self control, but who are we… Read more

Bubok’s Custom Templates for Authors – Making your Life Easier
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We Understand You We know you are so busy writing your book and keeping yourself motivated that the last thing you need is to worry about the layout specifications to make your book look good and print correctly. From years of experience and talking to our authors, getting the layout ready is the step they dread the most. Why? Just because you ́re a writer doesn’t mean you are ontop of all the fancy editing programs that are in the… Read more