How to get your book out there
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Do you have a manuscript that’s been hiding in your drawer or a folder buried deep in your computer for far too long? Maybe you’re an expert in a particular field and would love to share your knowledge and experience and get your name out there. Marketing and publishing a book may not be in your wheelhouse. So, let us ask you:   Have you always wanted to be known as a writer? Do you dream of sharing your works… Read more

Why You Should Read Biographies
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Literature is full of great treasures. Now let’s talk about one of them. Both reading a book and writing a book is a journey; the only difference is that we are either travelers or guides. However, in order to be able to walk someone through your life — to write a BIOGRAPHY, and not any but a good one — you have to relive many other stories way before you start building your own. This leads to the conclusion where… Read more

How To Write A Sequel- Overcoming Writing Fears As A Published Writer
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You are a published writer! Congratulations! There are writers that would kill to be in your shoes. You’re not feeling so great? Nervous about writing the second book in your series? You’re afraid your readers will be disappointed with your next work? Here is the answer to your prayers!   How Do I Get Myself to Pick Up the Pen?   Once you’ve finished and published your first work, it can be so difficult to find the motivation to pick… Read more

Why William Shakespeare is a WRITING KING!
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William Shakespeare is a LITERARY KING!   James Patterson- Mystery Sarah Dessen- Teenage Fiction J.K. Rowling- Fantasy   Oftentimes, writers are known for writing specific genres. While writers are capable of publishing more than one genre, they frequently stick to what they know best. However, William Shakespeare is completely different. He’s a writing king, one all writers should look up to. This legendary man can do it all; tragedies, histories, romances, comedies. William Shakespeare is truly a literary game-changer.  … Read more

9 tips to write and publish your book
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Writing and publishing your story can take you weeks, months or years. In Bubok we propose you 9 tips to easily write and publish your book. Remember that you must be disciplined in order to make your publishing dream come true. You should set a deadline to reach your objectives, because that will put you under more pressure and encourage you to work. There is an important rule when it comes to writing: do not bore your reader! These are… Read more