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Self-Publishing is on the Rise

Bubok, the global self-publishing website, announces expansion into the UK

Traditional publishing takes time, technical skill, personal connections and financing, factors which up until now have convinced so many budding authors to abandon their writing aspirations. Bubok is completely changing this model proving that there is now a trustworthy and professional alternative to traditional publishing. Bubok’s commitment to self-publishing and the needs of consumers is reinforced by a no upfront print or production fees policy. The company simply tak
es a percentage of the cover price once a book has been ordered or sold. There is no stock holding, no sign up fees and the copyright remains with the author. Bubok provides a fast, easy and affordable alternative so that anyone can now publish a book whether to sell, share or use as a promotional tool.

A Few Facts for You


Says Justine Petrenko, Head of Internationalisation, Bubok Publishing: “There are nearly 11,000 new publishers entering the literary field every year, most of which are self-publishers, which is why Bubok is doing all it can to support the book writing experience. In fact for the first time in 2010 the total amount of non-traditional, social print produced titles outstripped traditional print titles by three to one, a fact that many would have considered impossible 5 years ago. Research has told us that 81% of people felt that they had a book in them and despite feeling compelled to write they were completely overwhelmed by the rigmarole of the whole book publishing industry and as result abandoned their writing aspirations. Bubok is changing this by making it easier for anyone and everyone to self-publish.”

It’s All Up to You!


Continues Justine: “People have much more choice now as to how and in what format they want to digest their media. You only have to look at the growth in the Kindle with Amazon’s Kindle business. Add to this the spectacular growth in eBooks and it’s very clear that consumer reading habits have changed forever. Bubok is here to facilitate this phenomenal movement in the publishing world by helping budding authors to realise their talents and in turn bring a much greater and wider choice of reading material to the general public.”

And it’s really Easy!


With no software to download, users simply upload their file in pdf, doc or ppt format; create a title, author and synopsis; choose binding style, size and cover design or upload their own cover design; set the sales price for the book whether as an eBook or hardcopy and finish by ordering a printed copy to check the final result. Each book is printed on demand and in any quantity, whether as a gift for one or thousands for a much larger audience.

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