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Writing is tiring, but not when you write a bucket list!

Bucket Lists are great because they provide a sense of motivation when the going gets tough. If you’re experiencing writer’s block or simply are bored of writing for hours on end, then a Writer’s Bucket List is just what you need.

Here is OUR perfect Writer’s Bucket List to follow when we no longer have the desire or motivation to write. If you accomplish these small tasks, your mood is bound to improve, and maybe you’ll even be inspired to write your next novel or work.

A Writer’s Bucket List



Get enough sleep

for an entire week straight. It seems silly, but your head will be much clearer if you get enough sleep. If that means scrolling through social media pages for less time each day, do it. It will pay off in the end, and the clearer your head it the easier it will be for you to write.

Get through an entire week without drinking coffee.

This is 100% indicative of the first thing on the bucket list because we ALL know the struggle of getting through a day with no coffee and not enough sleep. However, if you can get through an entire week focusing on getting enough sleep, push yourself even further. Try to cut out coffee for the week! It will do wonders for your focus, and maybe it can even break the addiction us writer’s all know and hate (but also love!)

Set a writing goal for a week.

Set a writing goal, whether it be 10 words a day or 100 pages a day. If you set a distinct goal for yourself, you’ll be more inclined to meet that goal. Plus, who doesn’t live checking something off a bucket list!

Set a long-term goal and WORK TOWARDS IT!

This is easier said than done because we oftentimes lose sight of our goals when they are long term. However, if you set a goal for a single year, you can constantly look back at the bucket list and the goal as a source of motivation to meet it. The easiest type of yearly goal to set is how many books you want to complete or publish by the end of the year.

Do something absolutely crazy and beyond your wildest dreams.

If you do something you’ve always wanted to do but never thought you’d actually do, you’ll have something awesome to write about.


It’s so difficult to stay motivated sometimes as a writer. Something like a bucket list can keep you on track and motivated to reach all of your goals and exceed your own expectations. Imagine how rewarding it would be to fulfill the tasks AND put that check next to the completed tasks on your bucket list! Write one today for a better writer and a better you!

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