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write-and-publish-your-bookWriting and publishing your story can take you weeks, months or years. In Bubok we propose you 9 tips to easily write and publish your book.

Remember that you must be disciplined in order to make your publishing dream come true. You should set a deadline to reach your objectives, because that will put you under more pressure and encourage you to work.

There is an important rule when it comes to writing: do not bore your reader!

These are our practical tips for writing and publishing your book:

1. Planning. Set a publishing deadline to put you under pressure.

2. Discipline. Take some time for writing every day, and set an objective: for example, 300-500 words a day. If you can’t write that often, do it at least twice a week, just for 30 minutes. It is key to create a writing habit.

3. Avoid cliché. Make sure each of your characters has a story behind him or her. Good characters experience change through the story; give them some complexity and delete those who do not contribute to the plot.

4. Do a good research. Find out about the period where the story takes place and contrast specific pieces of information, specially if you are not an expert on the area. Accuracy is always appreciated by your readers.

5. Concentrate on writing. Stay away from noisy places, tv, internet networks… Choose quiet places to work and focus on your writing.

6. Read, read, read. Writing is great, but you also need other creators’ knowledge and inspiration. Try to read as much as you can and let your talent grow. Also, always bring a notebook with you. Write down your thoughts and ideas, and a story might come up later.

7. Improve your technique. Take a creative writing course or check some books. There is a wide range of writing courses available; you can even take them online.

8. Take a break when you finish. Do not read or think of your text once you finish. Leave it for a few weeks and then go back to it. If you take some distance, you will find mistakes more easily. Plus, you should not mix the creative part with corrections. First write, then correct: let your mind create with no restrictions.

9. Ask for advice. Your friends and family can be your first readers and give you some feedback.

When your book is ready, you can start publishing!

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