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María Ríolobos

I am María Riolobos Rendón and I was born in Plasencia (Spain) in 1953.?

When I was a child I loved writing and making up stories; as a teengager I won theCoca-Cola and Telva magazine?composition prize. I finished my A Level and started working as a secretary, but then I married, had four children ? who I adore??, and I became a ?stay-at-home mom?.?

We moved to Cordoba 42 years ago and, at the right time, I started working again ? as a saleswoman, as a secretary, as an officer, as a pastry cook, as a dressmaker?

I re-started writing and learning with devotion. I prepared and passed the University admission tests. I wanted to study Spanish Language and Literature, or Early Childhood Education, but suddenly there was a great surprise on my family: my grandson, the main character of The Blue Eyed Elf.?

He is one of my beloved 7 grandchildren. In that right moment I decided to be at his disposal and I do not regret that. He has changed my life and so I changed the course of my studies to learn therapies for the body and the mind, such as Chiropractic massage, Metamorphic Techniques, Muscular Chains Stretching (MCS) and, finally, Reiki. These are techniques that I put at my grandson or any other person?s disposal.

I continue writing and, after a few years, I have attended several writing workshops. But this tale was the first work I've ever published. I had never thought about it but I felt like I should release my sad feelings and that I needed to send a message to society because I wanted to bring some social reality to light:?DISABILITY.

This reality has always existed but society does not accept or assimilate it as a natural routine. ?Maybe it is because of a lack of awareness. Since you do not live with it, you are not aware of the problem. It is painful and we are used to overlook sorrow or feelings. There are relatively few families that suffer it, so society doesn?t react? Maybe it's because of all these reasons. It is a sad fact - and I want to clear it up with my tale.

This tale is to be read by adults who will explain it to the children. The children have to be conscious about the fact that, even when there are many differences between people, everyone has the right to live a full and rich life into the same society. We must work for their conviviality with disability as a fact.?

I think that if we educate our children, at home or at the school, to live with these disabled people, it will be easier for them to live with it when they grow. Even if they are different and special people, they exist and need from us to love them.

Thanks for reading me and I encourage you to buy my book.?

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