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Harshavardhan C

He is having vast experience and enriched knowledge, gained through interaction with people of different walks of life. Having worked as lecturer in History and Archaeology for some time in a Degree college; later joined in police department, rose from the rank of Sub Inspector to Assistant Commissioner of police, having worked in various branches; as a law graduate with his legal knowledge; being a writer of 25 novels, most of which are published as serials in various magazines and news papers in regional language; besides doing modeling, and acting in Television serials, and now he has been contributing to the world literature through his pen leaving the baton and the gun.

Few words about my literary friend

I sincerely feel that he is one of the experienced Police officers to contribute to the world literature on crime and criminals, social fiction, social evils, socio- economic problems, left wing terrorism, and religious fundamentalism. He has also created some characters with nobility and chastity. His crime stories and social fiction are not a mechanical record of the past events, but reconstruction of the past in relation to the present and future.

He never leaves any kind of issue , however small or big unsolved, least the sensitive, readers and critics think, and certaintaily they would be convinced that he tried his best for a change in the society. His forethought is highly commendable. For example, he wrote in one of his novels in regional language in 1991, the assassination of one of the Deputy Inspectors General of Police in a sports stadium and the high jacking of a train by C.P.I M.L P.W.G Maoists, which have really happened exactly in 1993, and 2003 respectively. He penned in one of his novels in 1993 regarding the bomb blasts in the twin cities in AP in India, which have been happening since then.

He is a tough, besides a very sensitive officer. That may be one of the reasons why not only the general public but also even the criminals admire him. I hope all his recorded achievements, writings certainly will add to the world literature and the readers will admire him.

N. S. Nagi Reddy, A Novelist & Writer

Truth is stranger than fiction is a well-known proverb and this writer indeed takes a leaf out of real life experiences and converts it into the printed word. His experiences as police officer in Vijayawada city have been handy in penning some of the best selling novels in the State.

Chandu Harshavardhan one of the most popular writers in Telugu, is now working as circle inspector at Mylavaram in Krishna district. His writing style is truly as distinctive as his narration and this has resulted in his unabated popularity. Harshavardhan's style of narration balancing the theme with a social angle is often the subject of debate in the Telugu publishing industry. Harshavardhan's educational qualifications include post graduation degree in archaeology and a bachelor's degree in law. He started his career as sub inspector of police in 1978 and was promoted to the rank of inspector in 1992. His dedication to his line of duty has earned him the label of the department's super cop!

His career has been dotted with innumerable awards and accolades including the Chief Minister sevapathakams. "My wife inspires me at every point of time to do my work with complete faith and dedication whether it is writing or my official duties Professionally,I have been inspired by K S Vyas IPS, Ramavathar Yadav IPS, Sudeep Lakhtakia IPS and Surendra Babu IPS," he says. His repertoire of written work include 25 serial novels on crime, law and order, social and economic problems.

Apart from novels. Harshavardhan has also written 15 books on memory, charater building, Yoga, martial arts and prepartion books for police aptitude tests under pen names like Chandu, Lilly and Anveshi. Some of his novels have been made into television serials and films. Ak-47, Blood, Nalla Thambi, The last Judgement, City of Tension and Adhikari are some of his best selling novels. "My passion for writing began in college where I contributed to the in-house magazine. I started with poetry and went on to prose, "says

"Young writers should concentrate on thought provoking themes and a novel should be 'novel' always," is his advice to budding writers. His aim is to retire as a conscientious police officer who will be remembered always for his dedication to the call of duty.