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Gonzalo Narvreón

Gonzalo Narvreón was born in Buenos Aires in 1963. He had his first approach to writing during his high school studies, where he studied advertising, focusing specifically on advertising texts' writing.

After studying at the University of Buenos Aires and obtaining his degree in Architecture, he wrote some magazine notes. Later, while learning a postgraduate course, he wrote several research papers.

He was devoted to developing his profession, but he kept what may have been his true vocation, which only surfaced from time to time when he wrote short stories that were published on specific Internet sites.

Motivated by his readers' comments, he decided to compile the written material and chose to focus the story on a subject not much traveled within the erotic narrative. Thus was born "Flying South," which was the first novel, followed by "The men next door," and then by "Lifting the vail." completing a trilogy that he called "STORIES OF A MARRIED MEN" in which its protagonist is a bisexual, married man.

The critics about the written novels were motivating. Stories and revealing comments began to emerge from readers who saw themselves reflected in the protagonist's experience, and many others, who were feeling the internal fire that devoured them, had not yet given themselves permission to experience what their nature demanded of them.

Unexpectedly, this material was the genesis of Aquiles, who would become the protagonist of the second saga, which began with "Aquiles... a curious Straight" followed by "Aquiles and his chained tiger" - "Aquiles, breaking chains" and "Aquiles, releasing moorings."

After Aquiles, the author released "The trail of the sheets" that covers human sexuality in a fantastic and metaphysical context.

In May 2023, his latest novel "Marcos, between the Heaven and the Inferno" was published, in which Gonzalo goes further, and amid clean and shamelessly morbid sexual situations, immerses us in a deep and hot story, leaving revealing in a stark and fierce way the deepest feelings of love and pain, without keeping anything back.


All eight books were translated and are available in Spanish and English.

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