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Brianna Bri

I am a 16 year old young woman. I am very challenged but I try to push through. I love horses and racing! I was born into a family that wasn't quite right for me so my father signed his rights off of me and my mother searched for a father to sign on and she was successful. Now I have a job and am working on getting a car. I have been writing since I was ssix it has always been a large passion of mine. It wasn't until two years ago I tried to actually write my own Fiction Novel, and I have been working on it, it is currently almost done. It is a short novel and very graphic. I love you sing and dance and hope to one day have a summer camp opened up on a horse ranch of my own where mentally ill children can bond with the horses. I also hope to have a family of my own! In my picture is my Fiance and I.
12 of February of 2015
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