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This publication is a tool for Estimators and business owners of industrial construction and Installation. I argue that a reliable budget of the number of man-hours required for the execution of a project is an essential need for the optimum functioning of any construction and Installation Company. We all know that when we spend a very low value on an offer and we have the misfortune to win the bidding, the initial joy quickly passed to panic and the search for the culprits. Depending on the size of the error is affected to a greater or lesser extent the progress of the project and our finances. In both cases, the relationship with the customer deteriorates and loses reputation in the market. If our offer has a very high price with respect to what the competition Licit, we are left out of a business relationship with our client and we also lose a business opportunity that will lower our Billing and overload our General Expenses. The purpose of these publications is to give estimators and owners of Companies a reliable tool to estimate the man-hours needed to execute a job.

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