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Kerrie Michelle Thomson

My name is K.M Thomson (Or Kerrie Michelle Thomson) and I am a fifteen year old writer from England. I adore writing because it allows you to be transported into a world and makes you discover more things about yourself. I took up writing stories at the age of 11 years old and I've been writing ever since.

Favorite book genre: I mostly prefer fantasy/supernatural because those two genres always have the coolest actions and creatures, and also fantastic stories. I'm also keen on horror books as well.
Least?favorite?book genre: Romance, I can't stand it. I'm fine with a fantasy/romance book but a full on romance book... urg...
Favorite books: Most likely Harry Potter, Power Of Five series, Inheritance cycle, Saga Of Darren Shan and the Chronicles of Narnia. All fantasy, horror or supernatual books.
Least favorite books: Twilight. No offence to any twilight readers but I seriously did not like the use of sparkling vampires and werewolves that transform at will when they're meant to transform by force on a full moon. Still, Stephanie Myers did a good job on writing a popluar book series.
Favorite quote:??Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.? Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter.
Favorite writing advice: Always have a pen and notepad with you at all times. That way, you can write down ideas where ever you go and think of stories and ideas as you're on the go.
Favorite authors: Anthony Horowitz was the author who inspired me to write books. When reading his Power Of Five series, I felt the urge to write a story and here I am today, writing books. I also like J.K Rowling, Christopher Paolini, Darren Shan and J.R.R Tolkin.

Favorite hobbies: I love to write, draw, relax, read mangas (Japanese comics) and enjoying windy weather.
Favorite food: Either pizza or ice cream.
Least favorite food: sprouts and cabbage.
Favorite drink: Apple juice.
Least favorite drink: Shandy. Tried it once and I hated it. No more shandy for me.
Favorite music genre: rock music and powerful trailer music. Whenever I reach a scene where there's fighting, I always listen to powerful music such as Immediate music, two steps from hell and many more to make the battle seem more epic.
Least favorite music genre: Pop music and dubstep. They're too techno for me and the singers these days have no meaning to their songs. Still, my opinion and I should respect other's.
Favorite bands/singers: Three Days Grace, Linikin park, Fireflight, Slient season, Evanscence and a few other rock bands.
Least favorite bands/singers: One direction and Justin Bieber.

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