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It is an honor and genuine pleasure to introduce Food fortification with Micronutrients text book. I have devoted most of my careers to the study of food fortification with micronutrients. This book is intended to draw attention to the roles played by food fortification with micronutrients in human health and will serve as a useful text and reference.


Controlling vitamin and mineral deficiency is an affordable opportunity to improve the lives of many millions of people and strengthen the economic development of the country. Food fortification is the most important nutritional intervention strategies to reduce micronutrient malnutrition.


Several important aspects should be carefully assessed in the development of a food-fortification programme, such as determining nutrient stability, the compatibility of vehicle, fortificant  and nutritional stability during formulation, preparation, packaging and processing is crucial for the effective production of fortified foods.



In general, food fortification offers consumers the option of choosing foods that will contribute to an essential  aspect  of  their  health  and  well-being,  namely  increasing  their  daily  dietary  intake  of micronutrients and which offers a significant low-cost and sustainable approach to reducing the prevalence of micronutrient deficiencies and does not require any change in diet and it is cost- effective. It can also be implemented relatively quickly and can be sustainable over the long term.


My hope is that those who use this book will gain a level of knowledge of food fortification with micronutrients that will enrich their understanding of a fascinating area of human nutrition, at a level  that  will  meet  their  professional  needs,  satisfy  their  curiosity  and  at  the  same  time encourage them to expand their knowledge by following up at least some of the many references provided. I invite comments from users of this book about its content and use of various chapters in their investigations and in training. If these are discovered, I would very much appreciate hearing from you so that corrections can be effected promptly. I believe you will find it of great


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