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Alfredo Alfonso Torrealba

This book compiles several articles published between 2014 and 2018 in different scientific magazines of the Russian Federation in the field of international relations.

These articles aim, in general, to examine the political relations arising between digital technology companies, social networks and States. In this context, results so far suggest that, during the first decade of the 21st century, Facebook.com, Twitter.com, Youtube.com, Wikipedia.org y, especially, Google.com carried out various political maneuvers against certain governments that, particularly, dared to impose sanctions in their territories on the services provided by these companies, given the fact that they refused to pay taxes.

As if they were small republics with small territories (offices), population (employees), political control (management), quasi-national sentiment (corporate identity) and an economic power that surpasses the power of a lot of countries, each of these websites established partnerships with other governments to create political mobilizations in order to attack and pressure their inimical governments through the use of new technologies. This way, interesting relations of political power and subordination and urban revolutions were built. In consequence, the members of the directives of these digital technology companies conquered international political spaces in order to impose their business model and political tendency in several countries, ignoring their sovereignty.

The Republic of Google is not real yet, but the interests of this and other companies indicate that, over time, the accumulation of money tends to lose managerial priority when it is really possible to control territories, governments, peoples and even national sentiments.

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