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How to publish a book: four keys to start

Have you finished your writing process? Would you like to know how to publish a book?

We know how many hours you have worked on it and how important it is for you to distribute it and reach readers from all over the world.

At Bubok we have accompanied thousands of authors along this path, so we want to tell you which are the keys to publishing a book successfully.

In our publication guides you will find many more tips and instructions, but here is a small preview to get you started. Here are the 4 keys to publishing your book that you should keep in mind:

Here are the 4 keys to publishing your book that you should keep in mind:

1. First of all, investigate! Rate your work and investigate the available formulas (paper, ebook formats) to decide which one best suits your needs. Each book needs an editing and publishing strategy appropriate for its audience and the content itself. For example, an illustrated children's book does not have the same needs as an essay with many subsections, or a novel, because neither the contents of these books nor their readers are the same.

2. If you want the best for your book, put it in expert hands. It is a matter of respect both towards your content and your readers, that your book goes public with the best quality. Independent content readers are becoming more and more demanding and poorly edited books, no matter how good they are, will be less likely to succeed. Therefore, avoid publishing a book without professional advice.

3. Consider several platforms, digital stores and sales channels for your book. There are platforms that allow you to distribute your book in hundreds of digital libraries, like Bubok. Keep in mind that on many channels, the channels you choose will condition the decisions you make about the format and appearance of your book, so taking some time to review them is very important.

4. Keep in mind your strategy for the book launch and plan all your steps around it. For example, if you want to present your book, define the most appropriate date for the event and decide when it should be laid out, when you will have the cover list ready ... So, you will start working on the promotion from minute one, and all your actions will be directed to a single objective.

These four keys are a summary of everything you will find in our guides to publish a book. If you want to know each of the processes, you can download them completely free of charge as follows: