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How to publish a book in bubok

Have you finished the writing process and you would like to publish a book?

Have you finished the writing process and you would like to publish a book?

We know how many hours you have worked on it and how important it is for you to spread it with a quality edition.

In Bubok we give you the tools and services needed to edit and publish your work in more than 7 countries.

We accompany you throughout the process, from the manuscript to the finished book:

1. We analyze your work and orient you on the editing and publishing options that best suit your needs.

2. We put our professional staff at your disposal to turn your work into a published book, ready for sale.

3. We distribute your book in hundreds of digital platforms such as Amazon,, and Itunes, all from Bubok.

4. Your book is available on request at our partner bookstores and at sale in our platform from anywhere in the world.

5. We facilitate the organization of events and presentations in our Bubok Bookstore (Madrid).
Luis Ernesto Martinez Velandia

In the literary world translating stories and evoking feelings are essential characteristics for effective communication. Being an independent author gives you the advantage of not being embarrassed by any subject. My best ally in this whole process has been Bubok, a great support in the publishing world; their advisors have given me advice and support on every dude. A whole team available for your work, acting in record time. Bubok, a great experience

Luis Ernesto Martinez Velandia Bubok Colombia
Miriam de Juana Ortin

When I found Bubok publishing seemed so easy, so comfortable and so visible that it was hard to resist. The editing work was fast and professional and the best part was to see the result matched all market needs. I have not felt the burden of being generating a job for giants but rather it was like going to a mailbox where you know you will be in good hands.

Miriam de Juana Ortin Bubok Spain
Alonso José Quintás

Bubok has allowed me to publish; I think that the associated costs are very reasonable and they do good job. Why Bubok? The platform is of crucial importance at first and, in parallel, closeness (even via email) with the person who takes your account and other team members: a correct, friendly and effective relationship.

Alonso José Quintás Bubok Spain