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Shirley Santiago

My name is Shirley Santiago and in my free time I spent writing articles and books of office management and technology in Spanish. This my first book in the language of Shakespeare. This book is about the basics of management of medical records. This is one of the areas of most current demand in the US workplace. These professionals are responsible for all necessary documentation in hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms and other health care institutions.?

This book is a tool to begin to understand the basics of the medical record and so to put into practice all the concepts learned. Because of this situation, decided in the book add more than 100 exercises you sit in the comfort of analyzing and reviewing all the lessons learned.? In the last chapter I include forms in Spanish to know forms in another language.

To exercise this profession is extremely important organization, commitment and quality to so avoid mistakes and always provide a system of medical record both manually or electronically crisp manner avoiding fines and other mishaps caused by mismanagement or bad interpretations in medical offices.

Recall that the medical record or chart number is the heart of every healthcare institution and therefore we must always keep this clean, clear and organized.

I hope you can be part of this great educational adventure and life fills you with great blessings for you and your entire family. I hope to be the link between your professional life and accomplishments....

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