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Caroline Bosker

Caroline Bosker lives in a small cottage in the heart of the Sussex downs. She runs a garden gift company which has evolved from her interest in gardening.? She runs a blog for her garden gift company which attracts 11,000 plus comments every year.?

When Caroline moved to the country she started taking an interest in the history of cottage gardening, and discovered that there were certain parallels with what we call sustainable living. She has tried to develop her own garden in such a way that it reflects the life of the original Victorian farm workers who might have lived there.? Her own garden has been designed to include a herb garden, beds which are planted with both flowers and vegetables, a vegetable patch in the front garden, hens, a pond etc etc.? She has a strong interest in organic gardening, and growing what you eat.? This garden note book reflects Carolines own interests, and supports her own seed ranges which can be found at: