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Claudio Campacci

Claudio Campacci, Brazilian born in Santo André, São Paulo in 1968. Since 1998 he is researcher of Heraldry and the origins of surnames. He has done research on over 2,000 people in Brazil and foreign. MLM marketing experts from more than 20 years.?Amateur photographs and Blogger. Cosmetic specialist, took a course in perfumery at the University of Versailles, France in 2010 and a course of cosmetic Novexpert Paris the same year in the city of Gometz de la Ville, France, and also a course on the history of Drom Fragrances perfume in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

He gave hundreds of lectures and training on the Market, Sales, MLM, Wellness and perfumery industry.

Meet the author's works. "The most popular surnames Brasi - Volume I and II", "nineteenth century, the century that changed humanity", "The Heraldry -Know your Medieval origins", "Hanna Diary", "Network Marketing - Truth and Lies" "top 20 companies direct selling and multilevel "," if I ... "all in Portuguese. Early English books.

Soon the author will publish his novels, poetry and short stories for children and youth. Currently the author is married and lives in Pelotas city, Rio Grande do Sul, which is marketing director for a healthcare company.